Cooking Classes


Corporate Team Building

Whether you have a small executive group or a large team event, we design all corporate cooking programs and demonstrations to suit each client. Event can be run on or off site. For enquiries, email


Private Cooking Classes

Audra's classes are based around her Singaporean Chinese-Indian heritage as well as her pure love for delicious food. Here are some examples:

Basic Chinese Cooking

Learn the basics of Chinese cooking. Start with building your pantry with the essential sauces for marinades, thenlearn to cook a selection of Chinese dishes with an understanding of marrying sauces for marinades and cooking with various techniques and the art of a quick stir fry. The perfect class to kick start Chinese cooking in your home!

The Ultimate Braised Pork Belly, Steamed Bun & Egg Noodle Class

Succulent braised pork, fluffy “bao" and yummy noodles! Learn the basics of braising Chinese style, creating a braising liquor and adding the right spices. You will also learn how to use a pressure cooker to halve your cooking time, making steamed buns from scratch and creating a delectable egg noodle dish, all from one single braise! 


Braised Pork Belly, Handmade Egg Noodles, Soft Boiled Egg, Kim Chi

Succulent tender and melt-in-your-mouth braised pork belly, fresh hand made egg noodles, perfect soft centred boiled eggs, topped with spicy kimchee! It’s the perfect noodle dish and one that will impress your friends and family! Audra will teach you the basics of braising pork belly and how to achieve that tender result using a pressure cooker in half the time. You will also learn to make your own egg noodles from scratch and obtain that perfectly soft centred egg!
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FOR THE KIDS! - Learn to be a Masterchef with Audra Morrice - Spicy Meatballs & Hand Made Pasta
This class is all about getting children cooking in the kitchen. Audra will teach the basics of cooking, the value of good ingredients and how to maximise flavours in the simplest of dishes. Basic knife skills will be introduced to kick off good and safe habits in the kitchen. Master the art of creating your own pasta, meatballs and sauce, a la Audra. 


Laksa Class

Learn to make my Singapore laksa from scratch. In this class you will learn about the various fresh and ground spices, how to blend them to create the perfect laksa paste. Learn about the differences in using a mortar and pestle and a blender. Learn to poach a whole chicken to create stock for the laksa.  Audra will also show you how to turn this very versatile paste into the most delicious sambal sauce.

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